Frequently Asked Questions


What are the prices for renting?

Please click on this link and scroll down the page: http://pilatesshop.com.au/rent-a-reformer.html


Which Models do we stock?

Our stock includes Balanced Body, Stott, DMA and ABCO. Please click on these links for information:

Balanced Body: http://www.pilates.com/BBAPP/V/store/pilates-reformers.html

Stott: http://www.merrithew.com/shop/Reformers

ABCO: www.abcohc.com.au

DMA: http://shop.clinicalpilates.com/category/4779/pilates-reformers/


What is the weight and dimensions of the reformers?

It depends on which model you choose. The length is usually 245cm, and the weight around 60kg. The height and width of reformers can vary, from 20cm to 60cm in height, and from 50 to 60cm wide. We recommend calling us to see what’s in stock, and we can then give you specific dimensions. You need about 1 meter around your reformer at home or in your studio/clinic for use.


Why are they all different sizes?

The original reformers were quite short in length at around 225cm. Width was 65cm and height 35cm. With the growth of Pilates, more manufacturers came on board, and they adapted the machines. Most of the adaptations were to the foot bar, the gear or spring attachment bar, and the height and length. Which ones are better? To us, they are all perfectly good. It’s just a matter of spending 15 mins learning about the differences when you rent. Rest assured, every Pilates exercise can be practiced on every reformer we lease! The only reformers we don’t recommend are the cheap ones on TV. If they were good, we would be renting them! Here’s a link to the original Pilates reformer:



What about delivery?

In the Melbourne metropolitan area, we have a courier that we can recommend - give him a call for a quote. His name is Ian and his number is 0414 950 392. Ian does not work as an employee for us, but we have found him to be reliable, pleasant and inexpensive. For interstate transport, it is the responsibility of the renter to arrange transportation. 

The pickup address is in Fitzroy, Melbourne, 3065. Delivery cost is not included in your rental cost.

How do I pay?

Payment is via credit card on the first day of each month. We take a fully refundable security deposit of $300 for Melbournians and $600 for interstate rentals.

Do we offer rent to buy?

Sorry, we don't. We do sell reformers brand new for $2200. Please follow this link for details;http://pilatesshop.com.au/buy-a-reformer/


Do we rent outside of Australia?

No we don’t.


Can I claim the rent on my private health insurance?

Some funds do, some don’t. You need to check that with your provider. Of course we can provide them with all of your payment receipts.


Is the rental tax deductable?

Check with your accountant, but if you are operating a studio it usually is.


Is there anything else included in my rent?

Yes! We also provide a month of free membership to PilatesAnytime.com, the world’s premier online Pilates studio with over 1500 online classes.