Rent a Reformer

For many, the cost of a Pilates reformer makes purchasing out of reach. For others, being sure they will use it on a consistent basis before purchasing makes renting a good idea. Others rent to speed up and reduce the cost of the rehabilitation process, and others because they are completing teacher training. Whatever the reason, you can have your very own Pilates reformer at home! We have Stott, Balanced Body, Joint Refinery, DMA and of course our own models for your immediate use.


For videos of our models and their differences, please email.

Some reformers come with a jump board and box but please enquire first. We will also provide you with a free 30 day voucher to to make the most of your reformer. “Pilates Anytime” is a website showcasing the world’s most acclaimed teachers who record live studio classes for you to follow.

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Stott Clinical(1).jpg


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For enquires as to what we have in stock, please email Anthony Lett directly.